50 Years Traditions Sketch by Johanan Colon

The University of Central Florida’s Student Government Association came together to think of a brilliant way to kick off get UCF students hyped for the university’s 50th year anniversary. Student body president Melissa Westbrook, along with SGA’s division of Campus Life and SGA’s division of Communication, have come together to create that 50 Years Traditions Challenge. Aside from having an online Traditions system where students can upload photos of themselves completing these traditions, SGA wanted a printed material to aid students in keeping track of their process.

It was decided that we didn’t want just a standard tri-fold brochure, but a really cool gatefold in the shape of a shield crest. I was selected to be the designer for the job, and what an honor it has been to be chosen. This project was the very first true die-cut I have done and my first experience working with an offset printer.¬†Hands down one of the most rewarding project I’ve had to work on during my time at SGA.

50 Years Traditions Open by Johanan Colon50 Years Traditions Back by Johanan Colon50 Years Traditions Side by Johanan Colon

The custom made gatefold shield crests were printed using a 4-color process with a die-cut. Since the gatefold was folded in and then scored, the die-cuts had to be made on the four corners of the original tri-fold design. A few adjustments from the original design had to be made, through the suggestions of our printer, to ensure that the crest was sturdy at the hinges and not prone to rip or tear.

50 Years Traditions Launch by Johanan Colon

Along with the gatefold, I also created an A-Frame, poster, screen, and Facebook cover photo design to promote the event. Needless to say it was a tremendous success and these crests were gone in an instant!

50 Years Traditions A-Frame by Johanan Colon

50 Years Traditions Challenge Poster by Johanan Colon50 Years Traditions Screen by Johanan Colon 50 Years Traditions Facebook by Johanan Colon