Teamwork by Johanan Colon

Teamwork is a word often used with a positive connotation. A group of people who get along and work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. In a perfect world, every team would fit that definition. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world, especially when you live in a world known as “college.”

This piece was inspired by my experiences working in teams through my life as well as the experiences of other friends of mine. My goal was to emphasize the negative aspects of a “team gone wrong.” The faces are made up of common accusations, complaints, questions, and statements from wayward teammates divided by a not so charming philosophy about “teamwork.”

The posters were originally designed in Illustrator, then put into the scene using Photoshop. I’m excited to share my detail shots with you guys. As always, feedback is warmly welcomed.

Teamwork Posters - Illustrator - Johanan Colon
Original poster design. Screenshot from Illustrator.

Teamwork - Left Panel - Johanan Colon

Left Panel

Teamwork Posters - Center - Johanan Colon

Center Panel

Teamwork Posters - Right - Johanan Colon

Right Panel