Dance for a Cure Poster by Johanan Colon

Dance for a Cure, an event hosted by the University of Central Florida’s Student Government Association, was a special event held for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Dr. Pam Powell, a renowned motivational speaker and a breast cancer survivor, was pleased to be a part of this event to share her story as a survivor, as well as join us for a Zumba dancing session, led by Nadya Mishutina.

The Concept

The idea was to make this design as excited and enticing as the event was expected to be, highlighting the dancing portion, but without overpowering the underlying purpose. I illustrated silhouettes of people dancing, the middle figure being male of course in order to avoid excluding men from the event. The pink ribbon trails across the middle of the composition to draw the viewer’s eyes to both the title and the breast cancer awareness ribbon on the right below the front-most female dancer. The text below was kept short, but includes all the pertinent information related to the event, highlighting the names of our special guests using the same pink color as the ribbon to recognize their importance.

The Color

It should come as to no surprise that the design features the famous pink ribbon used for breast cancer awareness. Pink was used as the primary color, with charcoal being the secondary color to tone down the brightness of the pink and provide a good backdrop for the text. The maroon accent color used in conjunction with the starburst effect to add visual contrast against the lighter pink in the ribbon and starburst stripes.

Dance for a Cure Event by Johanan Colon

The above image is the Facebook event cover photo used in the public event page.