Alex Perna Poster by Johanan Colon

Alex Perna, the Director of Communications (my division at the University of Central Florida’s Student Government Association), has been selected by our organization to represent us as a candidate for Homecoming court. He chose me to be the designer and photographer for his campaign and I was definitely excited about it. I very rarely get the opportunity to do a photoshoot and incorporate my own shots into a design and this was a great project to put both of those skills to the test.

For all of my fellow UCF Knights reading this post between today, Nov. 3 through Thursday, Nov. 7, please vote for Alex Perna for Homecoming King! Voting starts Monday, November 4th and ends on Thursday! Alex is a strong leader, an active participant in the UCF community, and a major asset in everything we do for the student body at SGA. This man bleeds black and gold!

Alex Perna Facebook by Johanan Colon